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At Connecting Talent, we specialise in recruitment. We help and advise companies struggling to recruit talent effectively to leverage social media and different technologies to improve their recruitment strategy and recruitment process.
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"Don't wait for an opportunity. Create it." - George Bernard Shaw

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Innovative talent acquisition methods with excellent candidate experience

Consultancy is not mere a source of offering a job opportunity, it also enhances the chances of an individual of exploring his core competencies so that he can be connected as per his aspirations and skill sets. During the tough times of an economic downturn, when unemployment numbers go high, job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. Connecting talent is the right place to get this support and continual guidance.

  • Recruitment technologies that respond to changing candidate behaviors
  • Direct talent sourcing
  • Improved recruiter systems
  • Social media engagement

How We Serve

Recruitment Strategy

Without the right talent, companies cannot deliver on their business objectives and keep their shareholders and customers happy. We help you re-align your recruitment strategy to deliver the talent your company needs both now and in the future.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment systems, technologies and processes have been forgotten, neglected or are no longer fit for purpose. Our knowledge in recruitment process and technologies allow us to help you find improvements, efficiencies and time savings.

Social Recruiting

Competition for the best talent is the highest it has been for many years, and is only going to get worse. We guide you through the process of successfully integrating social media into your recruitment strategy to reach new audiences.

That which you are capable of receiving comes into your life. Therefore, raise your capability and eligibility through consistent practice. - Sirshree

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